English test

Exercise 1

Choose at, in, on to complete the sentences.

1 See you in Friday.

2I brush my teeth  at the morning.

3The match is at 4 o’clock.

4We have lunch at midday.

5I’m busy in the moment.

6My parents always visit me in my birthday.

7He was born in the 19th century

8He usually goes on holiday in July

9They always get together on Christmas.

10 You can come in the weekend.

Put the verbs into the correct form.

  1. I (to listen)  to music every day. Listening
  2. Simon (to collect)  stamps. Collecting
  3. We (to wash)  the dishes once a day. Washing
  4. My mother always (to make)  breakfast.
  5. Sarah usually (to meet)  Maria at the tennis club. Meeting

Form of Affirmative Sentences – Part 2

Put the verbs into the correct form.

  1. Mr Williams often (to teach)  the dogs new tricks. Teaching
  2. They always (to throw)  their litter in the bin. Throwing
  3. The referee usually (to stop)  the game after 90 minutes. Stoping
  4. The kids (to hurry)  to open their presents.
  5. This car can (to do)  250 km/h. Do
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My town

I live in Yerevan, in Zoravar Andranik`s 42. Yerevan is very beutiful and big city. There are many parks in Yerevan. I like my town Zoravar Andranik`s 42. During summer we are everyday in the yard. I have many friends in the yard, Zoravar Andranik`s 42. We play hide and seek, seven cobbelestone, football and many other games. In our yard there are many trees

About my family

My family is living in Yerevan. Narek is my dad and he often lives in Dubai, because he works there. Tatev is my mom and she is the best. She is a teacher of singing and she makes eyelashes and microblading at home. She did the test in microblading. Lida is my grandma. She is working and cooking at home all day, that is why she can be tired. Leah is my little sister. She’s playing all the time at home and in kindergarten. My family is often tired, but happy. We like to spend time together. We like to play videogames or to walk together.